Springboard to success


The winning margin in elite level sport often comes down to distances measured in millimetres or time measured in hundredths of a second.  Sir Dave Brailsford, principle of Team Sky and mastermind behind many Olympic success stories talks about the aggregation of marginal gains to achieve these slight but significant margins.  This means that making small improvements in many things will combine to make larger gains in overall performance.  Educational researchers talk about the testing effect, which suggests that the process of testing actually brings about improvement not just in the aspects you are testing but also more generally across other subject matter!

What happens if you combine regular testing with a marginal gains approach? Quite simply you start to make better progress towards achieving your goals!

How could you achieve these small gains?

Making daily use of free apps such as Gojimo or online resources such as SAM Learning to complete practice testing in the form of multiple choice testing is a sure fire way to bolster your knowledge.

Think about this:

You study 8 subjects and commit to completing 10 minutes per subject of quizzing per day. This equates to 80 minutes per day or 560 minutes or just over 9 hours extra study per week!

Make this easier to achieve by making use of time when you are travelling in the car, on the bus or train or waiting for something else to squeeze in quizzes as a part of your daily routine. maybe get up 15 minutes earlier and complete a quiz before you leave the house in the morning.

If you were to do this every week between now and the first week in May you would gain an additional 126 hours of studying / exam preparation!  If you plan carefully it can be done with minimum disruption to your existing routines.

Quizzing is great at building knowledge – an essential part of effective exam performance. Keep an eye out for the #60daystoexamsuccess plan that will be released in February.  In the meantime building up a habit of completing regular quizzing is a great place to start.

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