Day 2 #60daystoexamsuccess


Welcome to Day 2! These are the tasks for tomorrow!


To create a weekly plan that clearly identifies when you are going to commit to academic work.

Equipment needed:

  • Paper & Pen
  • Weekly planner – try using either a print out of an outlook or ical calendar.  You could do this on a phone or tablet if you have one.


Using a weekly template create a weekly plan for the next nine weeks.

Think about:

  • How much time are you willing to commit to achieving your vision of success?
  • Are there any times when you could make better use of time? When travelling on the bus or train for example.
  • Creating opportunities of differing time spans. Target times around an hour after waking to cover new or more challenging material. Use times later in the day for short, quiz style, revision.
  • What result is your time commitment likely to bring?
  • Will you be happy with that result?
  • Be careful to include all commitments including attendance at school / college / part time work / socialising / clubs and activities / physical activity.

Quizzing: Complete 10 minutes quizzing per subject via an app or using online resources.

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