Day 8 #60daystoexamsuccess


To create a prioritised list for each subject that identifies which topics are the priority for further revision and clarification based upon Red, Amber, Green analysis.

Equipment needed:

Red, Amber, Green highlighted specifications for each subject.

One piece of paper per subject.


Target subjects:

Group A&B


Review the syllabus documents that you have highlighted for each subject.

For each subject create a prioritised list that includes all areas of the syllabus.

Place areas highlighted as Red at the top of the list, Amber in the middle and Green at the bottom.

The list for each subject shows you which topic areas you need to work on in which order.

For areas highlighted Red and Amber consider these questions:

  1. How could you get support or further explanation from your subject teachers?
  2. When will this happen? Plan when you will get this support and from who?

Quizzing: Complete 10 minutes quizzing per subject via an app or using online resources.

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