Day 37 #60daystoexamsuccess



To create mind maps of the syllabus for two Group A subjects, allowing you to make links between the various content areas.

Equipment needed:

Syllabi for two Group A subjects

Paper (A3)



Red, Amber, Green highlighters

Target subjects:

Group A


Create a Mind Map; for each subject. Use the syllabus to ensure that you get full coverage. The idea is to use brief descriptions / drawings / pictures to capture the key ideas for each area of the syllabus.

Try to make links between various topics – How might understanding of one topic help understanding of another?

Highlight each syllabus area with a Red / Amber / Green code, using the definitions from earlier.

Check to ensure that you understand what each code means.

Complete Mind Maps for two subjects today.


Quizzing: Complete 10 minutes quizzing per subject via an app or using online resources.

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