Day 42 #60daystoexamsuccess



To consolidate each syllabus area for Group B subjects into 10 key words to enable easy revision and recall.

Equipment needed:

Syllabi for Group B subjects

Mind maps / graphic organisers for Group B subjects.

Paper for drafting


Target subjects:

Group A


Consolidate each syllabus area for each subject into 10 key words.

For example if your PE syllabus has 12 areas you need to create a list of 10 words for each of the 12 areas.

Compile lists under the relevant syllabus headings and keep them with your syllabus information.

Annotate these key terms onto your mind map / graphic organizer for each subject.

Quizzing: Create one, 10 question quiz for each Group B subject, with answers, for each of the subjects you are studying. Focus on creating the questions to test areas of knowledge that you have highlighted as Red from each subject.

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