Day 45 #60daystoexamsuccess


To create perfect model answers for 5 Red rated questions for Group A subjects (one per subject).

Equipment needed:

Group A subject containers.

Green highlighter



Target subjects:

Group A


Choose 5 Red rated questions, one for each of your Group A subjects. Take note of the question topics and get together content resources (revision guides / textbooks) that you can use to read and review content.

For each question:

Read the markscheme. Then read the content resources.

On separate paper, using the markscheme complete a model answer for each Red rated exam question – make it perfect!

Complete one questions at a time, finish one before moving onto the next.

Check your model response, against the markscheme.

Take your completed model answers to your subject teacher for checking.

Return the exam questions that you have completed into their envelopes.

After they have been checked store your completed questions in your subject container.

Quizzing: Create a new, 10 question quiz for each Group A subject, with answers, for each of the subjects you are studying. Focus on creating the questions to test areas of knowledge that you have highlighted as Red from each subject.

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