Day 52 #60daystoexamsuccess


To practice and mark 5 Green rated questions for Group B subjects (one per subject).

Equipment needed:

Group B subject containers.

Green highlighter



Target subjects:

Group B


On separate paper complete one Green rated exam question per subject from memory – make it perfect! Allow writing time of one minute per mark as indicated by the marking tariff. i.e. 5 marks = 5 minutes writing time.

Complete all the questions from each subject before marking.

Mark each completed response, using the markscheme. Highlight using your green highlighter where you scored a mark, according to the markscheme.

Marking should take longer than writing the response!

Return the exam questions that you have completed into their envelopes.

Store your completed questions in your subject container.

Quizzing: Get a parent, carer or friend to test you on the 10 question quiz you made for each Group B subject.

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