Every year many students don’t reach their potential because they do not know how to prepare effectively for exams, this site aims to change that!  This makes exams not only a cognitive assessment but also a test of character and commitment.  If you are lucky enough to be around people who have successfully completed exams then you may be able to learn from them.  However, if you are not able to access people with this knowledge, then as a student you are at a disadvantage. Eradicating this disadvantage is the purpose of the-exam-coach.


This site is dedicated to supporting students to achieve their potential by equipping them with a proven daily system that demystifies the secrets of exam success and builds the characteristics that thousands of successful students make use of every year.


By structuring a daily program that makes use of the best existing evidence, helping students to manage their time effectively and undertake a range learning activities that are time efficient, impactful and able to seamlessly integrate into a balanced daily life, ultimately leading to improved outcomes.